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Want An App For That?

Mobile App Marketing & Development

Every company will look into having an app in the app stores within the next couple of years. By the end of 2017, the app development business is estimated to be a $77 billion industry and the market is constantly growing, we are educating you and your customers and teaching them how to use their app to generate more business, its the new revolutionary digital media marketing tool.

What can we design and develop?

We take on a project from inception to completion. If you have the idea and direction, we can get it down in digital format, helping you keep everything at your fingertips and access to all the analytics needed to see what works and what doesn't.

Why Does a Business Need a Mobile App?

Companies that will benefit from a mobile app are those that have repeat customers and directing them to download the app for special promos, coupons, loyalty cards and so on. Once you educate your client on the ways that they can target each customer using the mobile app, it will help them understand and start to be creative in the different marketing options available.

Installing an App on your Phone

When you go to a website on your mobile phone, you can usually preview a company website and get all the info you need with no problem. Now you can take it further, directing a viewer to a link or icon that will direct them to Google Play or iTunes. That is still ok to do, but it gets easier, if a company has an app, once you visit their website, you will get a notification on top of the page asking if you want to download their app. Sample site that we developed and have an app for them as well, click on the following on your phone and see the way you are alerted if you want to download the app.

 This will get a user to download the app because they wont have to search for it, just click install.  

ReThink Mobile Marketing -- Post Sales Strategy

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